Security Services We Offer

Discover more about the Isle of Dogs K9 Security Ltd's extensive range of professional security services. We constantly update this page, but if you cannot find what you’re looking for, please feel free to get in touch with us – we will be more than happy to discuss your individual needs.

Security Guards

We provide highly trained and skilled security guards for the protection of people and premises and to ensure that businesses run as smoothly and successfully as possible. We support our clients in creating a safe, comfortable and secure environment. Our security personnel are well trained, experienced, presentable and professional and are committed to providing both protection and excellent customer service. 

Concierge Security Services

Our concierge security brings together high quality security and outstanding customer service. Our service focuses on security skills and training, flexibility, adaptability and providing excellent front of house service. Concierge service officers are trained to the highest of standards of customer service. They are also highly groomed personnel. Our concierge officers provide a strong deterrence against anti-social behaviour and also perform a range of administrative duties.

Key Holding and Alarm Response 

We offer you a step-by-step quick and efficient key holding and alarm response service. Our guards act as the primary key holder responding to security alarm activations for our key holding and alarm response service. Keys are held in a secure environment that is fully compliant with BS7984 assuring businesses that customer keys or passcodes are in safe hands.

Emergency Repairs

If your premises have been broken into or suffered damage, we will ensure that agreed escalation procedures are actioned, these can include calling emergency services, police or contractors such as glaziers and locksmiths.

Office Security

We offer uniformed office security and corporate security services. Our office security guards are highly experienced, carefully vetted and trained to the strictest of standards including in conflict management. Our officers are exceptionally well dressed, trained in customer service and trained to provide excellent customer experience. They are trained to perform a wide variety of front of house duties on a daily basis in accordance with our clients’ needs.

Corporate Security

We offer professional, effective and preventive corporate security for offices, office buildings, serviced offices and corporate headquarters. Our solutions focus on providing corporate security services and protecting employees, property, and other assets, while allowing day to day activity to run smoothly and without interruption. Our corporate security protection combines high quality manned guarding with outstanding customer service, and a wide range of bespoke solutions tailored to your needs. 

Construction Site Security

Our construction site security guarding and monitoring service ensures that sites run as smoothly and successfully as possible. We also offer bespoke security systems which take into account the individual requirements of each site. Our team will work to ensure safety and security of site during busy daily activity, and to protect the premises and equipment throughout the night. We offer a thorough risk assessment taking into account the location, environment and client’s specifics needs and advise on and help implement an appropriate strategy.

Residential Security

Our home security solutions are tailored to your needs, and include manned guarding and mobile security patrols, CCTV cameras and other technological tools. Void property security; our professionals have excellent communication skills, are trained in customer services, and are licensed and registered with SIA. 

Close Protection and Bodyguard Services

Our close protection service which includes executive drivers is designed to protect high profile and high net worth individuals and families, public figures and diplomats. We take a broad range of factors into account when assessing potential threats and risks and devise bespoke close protection solutions for our clients. We ensure that our security personnel are highly trained, equipped to handle any scenario and carefully selected to match the specific needs of each individual client and that absolute discretion is exercised.

Retail Security

We deliver a high quality, professional retail security service designed to protect a range of retailers including luxury high end stores, department stores, shopping complexes, boutiques, and supermarkets from shoplifting, theft, vandalism, stock damage, anti-social behaviour and other security risks facing the retail industry. Our retail security solutions are bespoke, flexible, and tailored to your needs and requirements

Hospitality Security

We provide high quality hospitality security services for hotels, restaurants and private member’s clubs in London. We offer bespoke hospitality security solutions to protect your employees, guests and property ensuring that we strike the right balance between protecting staff, visitors and premises, and providing a discreet, friendly and welcoming service. 

Security Dog Services

We provide a range of security dog services for the private and public sectors. We offer fully licensed and vetted dog units which include a dog handler paired with a trained security dog and branded security vehicle.
Our expertly trained and equipped security dog handlers are fully vetted and licensed and can be trusted to deliver excellent and reliable service throughout the day and night. We work with the best dog handlers in the business to make sure our highly trained security dogs provide high quality security and are ready for any scenario. 

Event Security

We provide event security solutions for venues, exhibitions, conventions, concerts or other events. Our plain clothed or uniformed security guards will ensure your event runs safely and efficiently. In addition to event security which secures the premises, our experienced and trained security personnel can help with a variety of duties including access control, crowd control, crowd management, risk prevention, security for VIPs, celebrities and guests, and parking management.

Public Event Security

Regardless of whether a public event is large or small, crowd control and security are always concerns. The guards we provide for the security of your public event are experienced in this regard and have worked on numerous small and large events over the years. We also provide car park security for public events at an affordable price.

 Security solutions

We provide a wide range of advanced technological security solutions for a variety of purposes including CCTV and intruder alarm design and installation; fire alarm system design and installation; installation of security gates and front doors, bollards, shutters and turnstiles. We are committed to providing our clients with a security solution which takes their specific needs into account. 

Night Club Security 

We provide SIA licensed guards for nightclub security. Our guards are trained for crowd control and management, mobile patrols and reception duty. Effectively and respectfully handling vulnerable persons. We remotely monitor our staff 24/7 through a state of the art control room, so you can rest assured that your security needs are taken care of. 


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